Dental Cleaning

Once tartar has formed it will be necessary to remove it by professional scaling and polishing under anesthesia. The goal of dental scaling and polishing is to remove the tartar and plaque. Pre-anesthetic blood tests are necessary to ensure kidney and liver function are satisfactory for anesthesia. Sometimes antibiotic treatment is started before a dental cleaning. Tooth scaling will be performed using both hand scalers and ultrasonic cleaning equipment to remove tartar both above and below the gum line. The teeth are then polished to help prevent subsequent plaque build up. It may be necessary to carry out other procedure such as extractions at the same time.

At Home Dental Care

Plaque and tartar begins forming in as little as six hours after your pets dental cleaning. A home dental care program is a must for all pets. Today there are many products designed to reduce tartar formation. Special chew toys, tartar control treats as well as specially formulated dental diets are available to help reduce tartar build up. Regular brushing is one the best ways to improve oral health.